PfAU (Scouting in Apprenticeships and at Universities)

Leaving school often means entering university or starting an apprenticeship. Even if it’s hard, this means leaving your home and local scouting troop behind. But that´s no reason to stop scouting all together! Even in an apprenticeship or at university you can still experience awesome scouting activities. Sounds good!? PfAU groups are the place to go!
PfAU groups consist of young adult scouts, designing and organizing their activities independently. No matter what you want to do: whether it’s climbing, singing together, playing cards, going on a hike, engaging in activism, riding the bike, or just sitting around a cozy bonfire. Everything is possible!
Our goal is to give every scout, who that moves away from home, a new Scout-Home during their apprenticeship or university education.

You can find already existing groups on the map underneath on the main page.
There is no PfAU group in your city yet? Just fill in this form and start your own group or get informed as soon as other scouts want to start a group in your area. You can also write us an E-Mail to, if you have any questions.
Find new friends through the PfAU network and stay part of the biggest youth movement worldwide!